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Best Mentors ~ your lead generation partner

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Best Mentors ~ your lead generation partner

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What is Best Mentors?
Best Mentors is a marketplace for the best of the best in the mentor, coach and consultant world.

We spend the money, invest in marketing and promote YOU to your potential clients.

It is the place to build your credibility, to be associated with the best and be positioned as the expert and only choice for those already looking for you.

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Questions?  We have answers...

If you can’t find an answer to your questions, you are welcome to get in touch with us at our office in Australia via telephone or email.


No, we do not charge a commission from any mentoring arrangement. Mentors pay to submit an application on , prior to being approved to list themselves and their mentoring services on Upon being approved the mentor's profile will be published on the Best Mentors Online Directory. They also can increase their presence on Best Mentors by purchasing advertising space in appropriate places on our website. 

Money for mentoring services is paid directly from the mentee/protégé to their mentor on the chosen mentor’s website after agreeing to their terms and conditions regarding their mentoring arrangement (services that they will receive). The agreement for the mentoring services provided is between the mentor and the person receiving the mentor services. We at Best Mentors do not charge or receive a commission from any bookings.


No, the definition of a mentor is that they are a trusted advisor and expert in their field. We are serious about our mentors being what we say they are though, the Best Mentors in the world.
We understand that there are experts who are world class or top of their field who have never mentored anyone before. At Best Mentors, we want to provide an opportunity for those experts to become mentors, which is why we offer a comprehensive and prerequisite mentor training package as part of your sign up/ listing fee if you have never mentored previously.

We also make it part of our induction for all our mentors to complete the training as part of their sign up with Best Mentors prior to listing them on our Best Mentor Directory. This gives us as professionals the assurance of the quality of the mentors on our directory that they all know our service provision standards and our expectations of the mentors who are listed with Best Mentors.

By doing this those who are seeking mentoring services can have confidence that they are in the right place and indeed choosing from the Best Mentors in the world.

Knowing that you (and all our mentors) have completed the training provided by Best Mentors raises the bar, shows your commitment and increases your assurance that you have got what it takes to be the very best mentor possible. It can ensure that we are on the “same page” in relation to mentoring service provision and gives confidence that your clients are receiving the Best Mentoring solutions possible.

Completing the Best Mentors mentor training is not only informative and the best way to be assured that you are on the right track with your mentoring service provision, but it shows that you are dedicated and can offer mentees/proteges the best mentoring experience they can find anywhere in the world.


Of course, your profile will list the range of mentoring services that you offer and approximate prices for each type of service that you charge. By using the Best Mentors Directory potential mentees/proteges are referred to you via your website and contact options listed on your Best Mentors Directory Profile. We do not set your pricing but understand that by listing on Best you are effectively listing yourself as a mentor who provides mentoring services on a directory with other mentors who are offering similar services. In effect Best Mentors is a mentoring service marketplace.

In any marketplace providers are offering competitive prices to their customers. If you want clients, it is suggested that you set your prices to be competitive in this mentor marketplace against similar mentors who are offering fair and reasonable prices. You want to provide value for money services, remember that nobody wants to be ripped off.

It has always been said that “you get what you pay for”. If you provide outstanding or personalised mentoring services in an unsaturated niche, then you could charge a higher fee for mentees/proteges to work with you.

The point is, that our mentors decide their own fees and structure for service provision, it is advisable though that mentors ensure a high standard of mentoring service provision for the clients that we refer to them considering value for money for all services provided. We suggest you consider a win, win, win approach to your service provision and this includes your fee structure.


We ask that everyone who signs up to Best Mentors to fill in our application form, this will be emailed to mentors who sign up to be listed on the Best Mentors Directory. We truly want to deliver on our promise on being the World’s Premier place for sourcing the Best Mentors online. 

 We don’t just accept anyone because we want to truly offer the world’s best. We are raising the bar on teaching, learning, coaching and mentoring itself worldwide. 

For this reason we have standards (which you will be fully aware of) for quality assurance of our mentors and that ‘peace of mind factor’ for those who are seeking mentorship that they are not only getting value for money but that they are getting access to quite literally the world’s best mentors, by engaging with our mentors online.


As you will be a founding member and part of our first intake, we are going to give $100 cash back to anyone who submits on-going quality feedback on using the directory when requested, plus an online review / testimonial to use at our discretion.

Our goal is for this directory to be the best for both mentors and those searching for a mentor, coach or consultant.  Your feedback will assist us in achieving this goal and we are more than happy to reward those that help us.

Win Win Win for everyone.

IMPORTANT - Due to a required standard of suitability, we will assess and gauge if those seeking to become mentors or list their mentoring services on our directory are the right fit for us and our clients. Best Mentors is serious about offering their clients (mentees/ proteges) access to the world's best mentors, so there has to be a vetting process which ensures that mentors are safe and appropriately qualified in the areas that they are seeking guidance and mentorship. Best Mentors reserves the right to accept or decline any mentor applicant without the need to provide explicit feedback in order to keep pace with their business demands and as part of their quality assurance processes for their clients. If there are any issues regarding suitability and non-acceptance of mentors who apply to become mentors with us or pay to list their mentoring services on the Best Mentors Directory, your membership/ listing/ joining fee will be refunded.

before this founders deal expires.

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